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Sparkling wine

Sparkling Wine Classic Method - Brut

Obtained by the classical method from Bianco D'Alessano and Fiano grapes, it is the original expression of a unique land. Excellent balance and elegant structure.


Qualification: Bianco D'Alessano e Fiano - Salento IGP 2012
Vintage: 2012
Disgorgin: 2015
Grapes (Varieties): 75% Bianco D'Alessano - 25% Fiano
Geographical location of Vineyards: Salento
Soil: Red soil rich in copper oxsides on sandstone layer
Vineyard age: 8 years
Training system and plantation density: permanent cordon
Yield per hectare: 110qL
Harvest: Manual picking in little boxes  
Vinification: Soft crushing and pressing, static clarification, temperature controlled during fermentation
Yield grapes-wine: 65%
Refinement:  3 months in barriques, refinement on the lees for 24 months 

Alcohol: 12% vol.

Colour: Light yellow, fine regular and persistent perlage
Aroma: Flowery and citrusy with a delicate aroma of bread yeast
Flavour: Clean and harmonious, properly lingering.


Ideal for aperitif. Its complexity makes it perfect also for an entire fish-based meal, sea food in particular.

Ideal typical dish: Uncooked noci (sea truffle) and hairy mussels.


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