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The origins

This story began with Giovanni, in the "palamientu" of the Gianfreda family. The son, Costantino, worked side by side with his father is this company. But in the 20’s, they found themselves affronting a difficult moment in wine producing in Puglia: the vines were destroyed of the phylloxera disease and they had to start all over again.
All resources and energy were dedicated to planting the new vines- which took the place of the old fig and almond trees-and also to producing the wines which were destined for the cellars in the North.
Cosimo, who was the Giovanni’s nephew, continued the family tradition with determination, and managed to increase the production by restructuring the organisation: at the end of the 50’s, he built the  first real mechanical cellar.



"Lu Palamientu" of Giovanni

By the 1990’s, the Gianfreda family already possessed the biggest "palmento" of Torricella, this  structure which was approximately 400m2. The millstone, "palamientu" in Puglia, was the first and oldest form of organised cellars.


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