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The “Alberello” of Primitivo

Cultural heritage and memory of biodiversity of Puglia

‘Primatiu Primatiu, putini povuru ca ti fazzu riccu’ Primitivo, Primitivo, prune me poorly and I will make you rich.
This was Costantino’s motto that talks about how there was already the knowledge that the particular cultivation of Primitivo needed considerable pruning to allow the vine to produce high quality grapes. This was a non-conformist and visionary idea which was being practiced at the time.

The exceptional synergy between the land, climate and the life enhances the natural characteristics of the plant.
Primitivo is a historical vine, one of the oldest and most noble in Puglia. Since the beginning the traditional system of growing of this particular biotype is its characteristic Puglia tree, typical of Mediterranean culture.
The Primitivo tree is of high quality in how much it effortlessly indulges in the natural disposition of the plant, reduces the consumption of water and gives a reduced yield but of high virtue.
The perfect equilibrium between the different types of earth, climate and life creates an ideal condition : the grapevines are arranged on the plant in an optimal way, well exposed to the sun but protected by excessive isolation and is able to take advantage of the heat of the earth.
In Salento the old trees of the Primitivo are the living proof of winemaking history and also of its surrounding areas.


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