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The surrounding areas


A short walk of a few kilometers throughout the red earth, vineyards and olive groves, lead to the splendid sea of Salento. Golden beaches, fringed with dunes, low cliffs, pine forests and sights in the Mediterranean, offer a great variety of unspoiled views with sandy ocean floors, gently sloping and crystalline waters.

Salento - Puglia

A protected oasis, art and handicrafts,  community feasts and festivals, cuisine and culture, winecultural gastronomy, relaxation and hospitality,  ‘taranta’ and Puglia sounds, parks, hamlets, castles and cathedrals and much more. More than just sand and sea, Puglia is all this. For further information you can use these websites:


Oria - 25 km

In a strategic position of the North of Salento, Oria is found on a hill between the Jonio and Adriatic on the border of the Murgia.
It is an ancient ‘messapico’ centre rich of beautiful views and monuments among which there is the vast castle built by Federico II.


Grottaglie - 27 km

People notice and appreciate the hand-made, artistic, ceramic handicrafts. The whole zone has a natural interest thanks to the presence of numerous valleys and caves. In the historical centre, built out of the tuff, retains a notable historical architecture.


Manduria - 15 km

A city rich of history of which the ‘messapica’ walls surround the city. The characteristic historical centre with its maze of narrow streets. The Archeological Park of the "Messapica" Walls is the most ancient necropolis ever found.


Lecce - 66 km

The biggest cultural centre of the Salento peninsula and the most eastern head of  province. The nucleus of the center is a rich scene of monuments with architectural imprints : churches and buildings were built in accordance to the Baroque style in the typical white stone of Lecce. Thanks to its artistic value, it is known as “The Florence of the south”.


Valle d'Itria - Alberobello 70 km

Also known as Valley of the ‘Trulli’, it contains a wide territory, rich and full of movement, it has relevant views, environmental and historic : olive groves alternate between white ‘trulli’, little hamlets and villages with Baroque and Rococo edifices. Areas worth visiting are : Alberobello, Locorotondo, Cisternino, Martina Franca.


Matera - 109 km

The center of the city is really ancient and world famous for its antique ruins, its stones, the characteristic housing carved into the rock. In 1993, Matera was pronounced the World Heritage of UNESCO. A picturesque surrounding area, around the base of the city twisting down into the valley.


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