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The restaurant

The restaurant of the House is ample with barrel shaped vaulting and was obtained from the semi-underground oil mill, one of the few in the area, situated in the middle of the property. Here the olives were made into oil which was then sold throughout the whole area.
The renovation  has created a striking atmosphere, of notable historical valor and culture, perfectly preserved in the building, in values and history.
The antique machines are found on the patio outside the restaurant.



Memories of flavours of times past

The kitchen of the restaurant offers the best of traditional, Pugliese and Saletian cuisine, simple and basic, and is based on genuine material of past times. There are dishes with authentic and antique tastes among which there are : ‘tria e ceci’ - which is a particular type of home-made pasta with chickpeas, stuffed aubergines, puree of fava beans and boiled vegetables of the region, ‘cavatelli’ (pasta) with mussles and beans, homemade ‘orecchiette’ with tomatoes, basil and ricotta.
The wide variety of the menu offers the guests the opportunity to taste, in the 15 days they are there, a variety of different dishes.


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