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Events in the Masseria

The evenings in the Masseria represent a real immersion into the traditions and culture of the people of Salento in its most ancient and real expression: captivating events, accompanied by well-known songs and typical instruments all geared towards fun and pleasure.
The discreet and attentive helpfulness of Dalila and of all the family accompany the guests in a convivial stay.


Party and tradition

Every Monday, before dinner, a special evening is organized for the guests of the Masseria. In these evenings, the women of the Masseria re-call the  crafts and the costumes of the past: the ‘muzzica li faj’, which means the pealing of the fava beans for the puree, typical dishes of this area, the embroidery of hair bands and crochet work, the construction of the ‘lu cannizzu’, a special type of loom made of cane on which they dried figs, tomatoes, fruit and vegetables in general.


…To bring home a bit of Salento

Puglia is a land which is full of tastes and typical products: an antique cuisine which has been handed down through the years and which is also reproduced in the Masseria during the art and craft evenings.
With live demonstrations which the guests also participate, the preparation of local dishes is shown, bread and a variety of home-made pasta : "orecchiette", "cavatelli", "maccarruni", "strascinati", "tria", "lajina" and ends with "pettole", freshly cooked and accompanied by our wines.


Rites and rhythms

The ‘pizzica’ is a traditional dance which is still very prominent in the Salento traditions. For this reason its memory is still strongly supported and also practiced by Dalila, the owner of the House.
This show of ‘Pizzica’ is offered to the guests every Thursdays, during dinner time, in the semi-underground oil mill.



Divine walk through

Jorche is also a wine company. Near the Masseria you can find the new wine cellar, a modern building containing high quality technology. Surrounded by vineyards, the cellar welcomes guests of the Masseria to experience a tour that talks about the phases of production, the characteristics of the wine, and then it ends with a wine tasting. Emanuela will be the guide. She is an enologist, who, just like her father, Antonio (who is also an enologist), has become passionate about this world.

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